Save DC Food Trucks

You can help by writing to the DC Council using this form created by the Food Truck Association of Metropolitan Washington (it’s a real thing.)


My absolute favorite.

My absolute favorite.

If you need inspiration, you can adapt the letter I submitted today.

Dear DC City Council:

I am a resident of Ward 2. I live and work within walking distance of no fewer than three dozen restaurants. I regularly patronize many of them, with a preference for small, locally-owned places and places that make things with cheese. I also work within walking distance of Farragut Square and regularly eat at food trucks too. (In case you think all the eating is making me sound fat and unhealthy you should know that I am also a member of a gym and I walk everywhere.)

I don’t think that eating at food trucks is cutting down on my eating at restaurants or viceversa. They are two completely different experiences. I am happy to pay $10 at Taylor Gourmet and I am equally happy to pay $10 to eat CapMac. As a resident of the District of Columbia, I feel that I should have both options. Further, since you don’t make any restaurants have a lottery to see who will open on a given day, I don’t see why you would do that to food trucks.

Food trucks are restaurants on wheels. They are for people that are willing to pay the same price as a restaurant to have no waiter, no table and no chair. I assume that the fact that you don’t have a lottery system for restaurants has nothing to do with the fact that they have waiters and tables and chairs, so please don’t discriminate the food trucks because they have no waiters or tables or chairs.

I understand that there is limited parking in DC and that a lot of it is taken up by people that live in Maryland and Virginia. I have no car but if I had one I would have a parking spot on Ward 2 somewhere. I hereby give my parking spot to a food truck. I can walk to find my food. No problem. Helps to burn off all the delicious mac and cheese that I plan to eat.

I vote in all elections. Even special elections. If you want my vote, please save food trucks.

Thank you,



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