On writing and trying to concentrate

At some point during round 1 of grad school (Georgetown 2008-2010) I discovered the only way I can ever concentrate is to listen to country music. I am not sure why it works, but it works. I hypothesize* that it’s because I didn’t grow up here, so I had never heard this music before. When it plays now, I have zero memories associated with it and don’t know the lyrics so I can’t sign along. I also don’t really know any of the songs, so the strategy is to have a Taylor Swift and a Rascal Flats station on Pandora and let them play on for about three hours, which is the longest span of time that I can concentrate on something.

The result of listening to country music for two hours today is two and a half pages and this blog post. The blog post definitely doesn’t count, but the pages are good (I think.)

I don’t know the names of the songs or the artists, but some of the ones I like are:

Just to see you smile

The song about northern Michigan

The song about dancing

I wonder if Venezuelan music has the same effect on people that did not grow up there.

*I am listening to country music now


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