Reason 294

#294: Fancy receptions.

One a week is probably the perfect amount. More than that is too much. Two weeks ago I had two fancy receptions but ended up having to miss one. Attended only one = perfect amount. This week I had two, had no real excuse to miss either one. I had to go to two. Too much.

These are the things that I like about fancy receptions:

  • Seeing friends
  • Running into fancy people
  • Supporting something I believe in
  • Open bar
  • Wearing something a little extra nice
  • Going somewhere I haven’t been before
  • Delicious things I can eat
  • After parties

These are the things that I do not like about fancy receptions:

  • Thinking your friends are going to show up and then they don’t
  • Seeing the same fancy people over and over and over again
  • Supporting things that I am not sure are really making a difference
  • Cash bars
  • Having to wear something nice to somewhere sucky just so I don’t have to change between work and the reception
  • Going to the same places over and over again
  • Food that has meat in it
  • The day after the after party

In case you have never been to a fancy reception but are going to one soon, here is some excellent advice:

  • Wear a sheath dress (if you are a girl). Sheath dresses were made for receptions.
  • Take your business cards but remember that it is not so much about handing yours out as it is about receiving cards from others and following up.
  • Always follow up.
  • Try to take one friend with you. If you don’t take a friend someone that also doesn’t know anyone will make you his/her only friend and it will only go downhill from there.
  • Find out what organization/person it is that you are supporting/celebrating. This is very important and probably should be the number 1 thing on this list, even before the sheath dress thing.
  • If you don’t get invited to the same reception again next year, you did it wrong.
This is me and other people at a fancy reception. (Notice the sheath dresses).

This is me and other people at a fancy reception. (Notice the sheath dresses).


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