Reason 296

#296: Il Canale

This is a brand new reason, for which I thank my dad. Il Canale is an Italian restaurant located in Georgetown. It’s on 31 St on the side between M St and the water. I had never, ever, ever heard about this. To me “a great pizza place in Georgetown” was Pizzeria Paradiso, not some place on a side street. Pizzeria Paradiso is still awesome, but this place is even better.

My dad found out about this place as he finds out about so many other things: in a book. My dad just finished reading To sell is human, by Daniel Pink. Judging by our conversations this weekend that book has something to say about almost everything. Including where to eat in Washington, DC. And judging by the success of this recommendation, it is right in the stuff it has to day. In the book the author said that he and his family ate at the restaurant and noticed that there is a picture of the owner, Mr. Joe Farruggio with his phone number and a short note asking patrons to let him know if he had a bad experience.

Here you can see me smiling, reflected on Mr. Farrugglio’s picture. I was listening to Part I of my dad’s lecture on the book, as he delivered it to the host.

We went to Il Canale on Sunday and found the picture immediately. The place was mostly empty when we got there, so I secretly doubted that the author of this book knew more about my town than me (it turns out he lives in DC, so it’s ok.) The resturant filled up quickly after we took a seat. My dad taught a short class to the waiter about the book and the mozzarella cheese (it is redundant to say “buffalo mozzarella” as all mozzarella cheese comes from buffalos, it turns out). The waiter recommended the pizza and we ordered that. IT WAS DELICIOUS. It was, hands down, the best pizza I have ever had. It was super delicious.

Happy and inspired we texted the owner of the restaurant (which I just found out Daniel Pink suggests that you don’t do) and he replied. We walked out happy and full and a new reason to love this town was born. Pizza from Il Canale. Delicious. I can’t wait to go back.

Please do not text this guy. We didn't know and we were super excited, so we did. You don't have to. Please don't.

Please do not text this guy. We didn’t know and we were super excited, so we did. You don’t have to. Please don’t.


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