On voting in DC

In 2012, 91.4% of of residents of the District of Columbia voted for Obama. With this, he won the district’s three electoral college vote. We are probably the furthest thing away from a swing state there is. With 47.9% of registered Democrats voting, DC was the “state” with the highest Democratic turnout. And it’s not a state. And with a 90-10 margin it hardly matters that everyone went to vote. But we did.

There are other times when voting in DC matters more than on the presidential election, I think. The primaries are really important. Local elections are super important. Yet very few people vote. Turnout is less than 25%. That is terrible. And it’s not DC. I don’t care if you moved here from Ohio and Florida at the same time. If you live in DC now, you vote in DC. And if you complain that your vote doesn’t count, or that it doesn’t matter as much as it did in Cleveland or Gainsville or wherever, then you go vote on the local election. You go vote today.

And when you go vote, don’t show your ID because you don’t have to. I asked the poll official at my precinct if I needed my ID and he said “no, but it would help the process.” I didn’t give him my ID. I spelled my name for him. And I spelled it again when he couldn’t find it in the system. And one more time when he thought my last name was my first name. And then I could vote because I live here, because it doesn’t matter what your skin color is or what your name is.

I voted. Because it matters. Because it’s the right thing to do. And especially because my sister’s vote on a much more important issue in Venezuela didn’t count, so it would seem unappreciative to disregard the opportunity that I have here.

Proof that I voted. Just in case.

Proof that I voted. Just in case.


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