Reason 298

#298: Embassy Row. I love how the arrangement of the embassies makes no sense. Venezuela is surrounded by African countries (I think.) Romania is almost next to Korea and Lesotho and Belize have houses on Massachusetts Ave, but not Russia or France or Spain.

This is from the original list. When I wrote this I lived in Cathedral Heights, was a grad student at Georgetown and interned part-time in Foggy Bottom. Some times when it was gorgeous outside or when I was really stressed out, I would walk the whole way from Pennsylvania and 20th to Idaho Ave NW. The walk took me past a couple of dozen embassies, including the ones listed in the original reason.

These are the ones I remember:

  • Embassy of Venezuela. I like it because it looks like a home that belongs in Caracas. Unfortunately, it has been empty for years now since the US and Venezuela recalled their ambassadors. (This whole back-and-forth between them is really interesting.)
  • Embassy of Korea. They have a statue of the first Korean-American on their lawn. This is very appropriate and always reminds me of El Chino, a classmate and friend from Gtown who was obsessed with all things Asian, or to use the Spanish word, Chinas.
  • Embassy of Norway. They have a statue of a woman outside and a plaque explaining that they were the first country to allow women the right to vote. Good job Norway.
  • Embassy of Chile. That’s where the reception for our graduating class was held.
  • Embassy of Finland. It’s in some kind of super eco-conscious building from the future.
  • Embassy of Britain. They have a statue of Winston Churchill outside. The statue technically has one foot on American soil and one foot on British soil. Pretty cool.
  • Embassy of Croatia. Has a sculpture of Saint Jerome on the lawn. This is my favorite sculpture in that entire avenue and a great advertisement from their country.
Statue of Saint Jerome outside the Embassy of Croatia

Statue of Saint Jerome outside the Embassy of Croatia


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