Reason 304

#304: This town is very photogenic.

About two years ago the Washington Post published an article about a photographer whose name I can’t remember. The article talked about how this guy is famous for taking pictures of DC that are then framed and hung at offices on K St or given to clients as gifts. This guy, whatever his name is, is a famous photographer of classic Washington, DC scenes of power: the Capitol against the sunset, the White House, the Washington monument, Lincoln and Jefferson. At some point in the article the guy said that being a DC photographer is hard because anyone with a cellphone camera thinks they can take the same picture he took. The district is just that photogenic, he explained. Although I don’t remember the name of the guy, I remember what he said about the district being photogenic. And it stuck with me.

I am a terrible photographer. My sister says so all the time. I am impatient. Yet I have a number of pictures of DC where I think the district looks gorgeous. These pictures are pretty not because I know what I am doing (I don’t) or because I have an excellent camera (I don’t) but because DC is just that beautiful. It has no bad angles.

An example of DC looking beautiful.

An example of DC looking beautiful.

bad picture

The only way to ruin a DC picture: give your iPhone to a mean-looking old lady.


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