Reason 305

#305: Wide, beautiful, clean sidewalks.

Have I already mentioned my love of walking around in DC? I absolutely adore it. I like walking to my destination, walking for exercise and walking for no reason. Often I go out for a walk so I can call my family. I am pretty sure I have undiagnosed ADHD, so it’s very hard for me to remember to call them or to pay attention to them if I call them sitting down at home. Because I really care about them and I really want to talk to them, I go out for a walk instead. Yesterday I went on an hour and a half walk so I could talk to my grandmother, my greatgrandmother, my mother and my sister.

My grandmother is one of my favorite people in the world. I always think of beauty when I think of her. She is beautiful, very beautiful, but beyond that she is also capable of creating beauty (she is a talented painter, seamstress, baker, decorator) and of admiring beauty. Whenever I see something beautiful -a painting, a cherry blossom tree, a cake- I always, always wish she was there. Yesterday we talked about the trees and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (with which I am obsessed.)

My great-grandmother is also beautiful, even at almost 100 years of age. People that are lucky enough to have great-grandmothers probably still use a lot of verbs in past tense to describe them: used to look, was beautiful, etc. With my great-grandmother everything is in the present tense. She is beautiful. She is a writer. She makes horrible arepas. Her knees and legs and back hurt and she walks around with a cane. She is a fantastic story-teller, probably the best that I know. Yesterday we talked -by which I mean she talked- about her marriage to her first (of four) husbands.

My mother is maybe the best mother I know. Like her mother and her mother’s mother she is also beautiful, but my mom is also very funny and extremely generous. My mom also has the longest name out of all of them. My great-grandmother has no middle name, only a four-letter first name. My grandmother has a five-letter first name and a six-letter middle name. My mom has a nine-letter first name and a 23-letter middle name with three spaces. Lucky for me I just call her Mami or Mom or Momsi. Yesterday we talked about sunglasses.

My sister is my favorite person in the entire world and my best friend. That is all I have to say about her. Yesterday we talked about the amazing work that she did with her new company and about how much I am proud of her.


My sister wrote a children's play where all the characters are different birds. These are the actors in their costumes.

My sister wrote a children’s play where all the characters are different birds. These are the actors in their costumes.

All this because of wide, beautiful, clean sidewalks and a cellphone. Thank you Washington, DC.



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