Reason 308

#308: DCA

Or Reagan. Or National. Whatever you want to call it. I love that we have an airport that is just a $20 cabride or a short metro ride away from downtown. I also like that the airport is small. It feels like coming home. I know that Dulles and even BWI are much prettier than DCA, but I like DCA best. It’s small and clean but still somehow a city airport. I like standing in line with people that for the most part seem to have memorized all of the packing advice in Up in the air.

In April I love Reagan a little less. The Up in the air people are replaced by hordes of tourists who are rightfully impressed by our beautiful airport and amazing city, but take too long to move. They come for the cherry blossoms but really they stop and stare at everything. I appreciate how much they love DC the first two or three days. After that I start to wonder if what Japan really wanted to give us as a present was a People of Walmart invasion.


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