Reasons 319-318

#319: Warner Theater. it’s hard to find out what’s happening there if you don’t work downtown, but it’s a gorgeous theater.

I am pretty sure the day I originally wrote this reason I was at the Warner for CHCI’s Reyes of Comedy, which is about the only reason I ever go there. Still a fun place though.

#318: The Washington Monument. It’s no Avila but sometimes it keeps me from getting too lost.

I have terrible, terrible sense of direction. The only thing that kept me from being lost in Caracas was the Avila. The Avila is a big, beautiful mountain that bounds the city to the north. You can see it from pretty much anywhere in the city, which is set on its valley. If you can see the Avila, then you know which way is north and you can sort of figure out the rest from there. GPS systems don’t work in Caracas. Only the Avila does, and that’s all you need.

In DC, the Washington Monument is what keeps me from being lost. It’s not the Avila because you can’t see it from everywhere and even if you can see it, it looks the same on all sides, so it’s hard to orient yourself using the monument. Still it helps. I especially love seeing the monument from the Virginia side, when I am coming back to DC. It’s like a giant, tall, skinny “welcome home” sign the same way that the Avila is a long, tall, green “welcome home” sign.


Washington Monument from Arlington Cemetery. (My dad took this picture).

Washington Monument from Arlington Cemetery. (My dad took this picture).


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