Reasons 324-322

#324: Martin Luther King Memorial Library. It has nothing whatsoever to do with MLK and it’s in Chinatown, but that’s the DC library branch that always has all the books that I am looking for.

It is also now the only library that is open on Sundays (other than university libraries, of course.)


#323: The Nationals’ Stadium. I like that it’s in the city, the tickets are cheap and you can get there by metro.

I love that I live somewhere where (1) baseball is a big deal and (2) the stadium is inside the city and (not yet) named for the manufacturer of anything.

Nats Stadium

Nats Stadium


#322: Seasons. I love summer, but I would rather not live in eternal summer.

I like the rain and the cold. They help me study by reducing my fear of missing out: if it is horrible outside, nobody is doing anything better than reading for IR class.


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