One thing I don’t like very much about DC is the football team

I can’t bring myself to cheer for a team called the Redskins. I love and support Washington teams and cheer for as many of them as I can. I have celebrated Colonial victories, watched the Hoyas, the Wizards, the Caps, the Nats and DC United play. I have been to Verizon Center, FedEx Field, RFK and Nats Stadium. I really want to go to FedEx Field to watch the Washington, DC footbal team beat any other team and when I am there I want to be able to cheer and scream their name without feeling that I am also simultaneously insulting a group of people that do not deserve this and who probably look like me. I would not want to have people cheering for the Washington Latinos, so I will not cheer for the Washington Redskins.


I hope the end of this name and logo is close

It seems that Dan Snyder, the owner of the team, might have to change the team’s name even if he really doesn’t want to. An excellent article in today’s Post by Mike Wise talks about how the team’s name was debated at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board last week. Earlier this year mayor Vincent Gray had said that if the team wanted to follow in the footsteps of the Nationals and build a stadium inside the district it would have to change its name. But to what? The Washington Monuments? The Washington Lobbyists? Bring back the Washington Senators maybe? Wise has a brilliant idea: change the team’s name to Washington Warriors as a way to honor veterans. How wonderful! I would cheer for the Washington Warriors wholeheartedly and much more enthusiastically than I do for the Kastles, the Wizards or the Mystics, all of which have very un-DC names that I don’t understand. 


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