Reason 334

#334: Short buildings. I live on the 7th floor, which is only one down from the top. My building could at most only be four more stories high (I think.) That’s fabulous. When I’m in my apartment I can look out and see the tops of things and when I am outside I can look up and see the sky. That’s definitely the way it should be. One should not look up and see only the tops of very, very tall things.


Having only very short buildings makes DC very, very expensive and so some people (like Eleanor Holmes Norton) want to repeal the 1910 Height Act to allow for very tall buildings to be built in DC. I hope they don’t. I love the city the way it is now.


PS: Coincidentally there is a discussion on this today at the National Archives. I would have loved to go but I can’t because I have class.


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