Reason 335

This was the original reason #335:

#335: Pangea. This is the IFC cafe and store. It’s on Pennsylvania and 21st. The people that work there always smile at me. Also they make an excellent grilled artichoke panini. The store part is also nice. You can buy nice things made in Africa, Asia and Latin America. I bought a Christmas tree ornament made in Zimbabwe. It was beautiful.

Unfortunately, Pangea doesn’t exist any more. In it’s place is…. nothing. I am pretty sure that the space where Pangea used to be is now empty.

Instead of Pangea, I have a new reason #335, suggested by my sister:

#335: Washington, DC is Disney with the characters and everything. This weekend I was walking around the White House and I saw women in sashes and funny hats. The last time I had seen people dressed like that was on Main Street in Magic Kingdom about five years ago. The Disney people started signing Mary Poppins’s “Sister Sufragette.” The DC ladies, it turns out, where just trying to get support for a memorial.

Real Disney:

Washington, DC as Disney:

DC as Disney


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