Reasons 341 and 340

#341: You can meet fancy people, people that make the news. For example, the former Ambassador to Venezuela.

I really don’t remember what happened the day I wrote this or where I saw Patrick Duddy. Since then though I have seen lots of famous people and people that make the news. This past Sunday, for example, I went to NBC studios to see “Meet the Press” live. Governor Deval Patrick and Governor Bobby Jindal were there. They each appeared to be already campaigning for 2016.


#340: The Cosi on M St. Everyone speaks Spanish and in the morning and the afternoon it’s quiet enough to read.

This Cosi has since closed. Its Spanish speaking employees have scattered to other lunch places in the area. I have seen them at Qdoba and Panera. I say hi because I remember their faces and they remember me. I don’t remember their names though, don’t remember if I ever knew their names even, and that makes me sad.


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