349 to 345

#349: The amazing variety of happy hours: sushi happy hour, doggie happy hour, weekend happy hour, stroller happy hour…


#348: The Capitol Hill bars. The Pour House especially is really cool.

The day we went here was the very first time I saw someone use a Groupon. This makes me feel very, very, very old.


#347: The Starbucks barista that tells me every day, Groundhog Day-style, that I have a beautiful accent and then asks me where I am from. Every day I say that I am from Venezuela. Every time he says the same thing: “well, your accent is beautiful.” The barista himself has an accent (I think) but I’ve never asked him where he is from.

My Starbucks name

My Starbucks name

This was at the Starbucks on Wisconsin Ave, across the street from Whole Foods. Since then I have moved to a new neighborhood where the Starbucks are much busier and the baristas are far less nice. The Starbucks that I go to now are of the type where there are so many people that they ask you for your name so they can call you when your drink is ready. Starbucks that are this busy don’t have time to figure out how to pronounce or write my real name, so I use my middle name. At every Starbucks between Massachusetts Ave and F St NW, my name is Sofia.



#346: The Corcoran Gallery of Art. 
A Gallery of Art attached to a school of art. That’s beautiful.
Normally they charge admission (or a donation or something) but over the summer they are being really nice and letting people look at the collection for free.
That is exactly where I will be tomorrow.


#345: I can run from my apartment to the house where the President of the United States lives, and not because I am a good runner, but because it’s very, very close.


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