Reasons 355 – 350

It turns out I never wrote a reason #355 or #354.  There were a lot of mistakes numbering the reasons. This is one of them.

Reason #355 should be the Hoyas. They are playing Syracuse today and I really want them to win. It is the last time the Hoyas play ‘Cuse because next season the orange people are leaving the Big East and moving to a new conference. Presumably they are doing this because they are scared of how amazing the Hoyas are. Go Georgetown, beat ‘Cuse!


Reason #354 could be the American History Museum. It is not even close to being my favorite museum, but they have a good exhibit on civil rights. They also have the counter from the Grensboro sit-in. They do a lecture/re-enactment there every day at 1:30.


The next few reasons are from the original list:

#353: Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts. It’s gorgeous, close to the city and gorgeous. Yes, it’s gorgeous twice.

#352: The idea of restaurant week. I am not such a fan of all the going out to eat, and much less a fan of three course anything, but the idea really is fabulous.

#351: You can go visit the Constitution in person any time you want. It’s right there, close to downtown, next to a conveniently located metro station. Then down the street from there, you can go visit both the people that interpret the Constitution and the people that sometimes get crazy enough to suggest that we should change anything about it.

#350: The YMCA. Really cool classes, almost normal people, a pool and an indoor track. Oh, and it’s a nonprofit. Beautiful.


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