The first 11 reasons

I started writing this summer in July 2010. At the time I had been living in DC for three years and had just graduated from Georgetown University. My father had come to visit for a few days and we went to the Library of Congress partly because it is cool and partly because he wanted to research something that had been mentioned in a historical fiction book he had read. We had a great time at the Library of Congress and while I was there it struck me (again) how beautiful the place is and how lucky I am to live close to it. Being a person of the age of social media, I of course could not keep these thoughts to myself and updated my status with “Reason 365 I love DC:…” Then the next day my dad and I went somewhere else and I updated again and so on. He left on the day I wrote the thing about students, I think. By then “the list” had gained some kind of a following with my facebook friends and “friends” so I kept writing for a year. One every day except for the days when I was out of town. Part of the reason I kept writing is that there was a chance that that would have been my last year in DC as I was starting the process of applying to grad school (again). At the end of the year, I was still in DC, studying at at The George Washington University. I still am. And I still love it, so I am going to try to organize the list that is now two and a half years old.

Here are the first ten reasons I love DC, in the order that they happened to me and numbered backwards:

#365: The Library of Congress. The only one where I don’t mind that they won’t let me take anything home.


#364: The district is just so photogenic! I love the pictures of DC at the galleries in Georgetown, at the bookstores in Dupont Circle, all of them.
Well, maybe except for the campy pictures people take behind the White House. (I am not sure what “campy” means but I wanted to use it in a sentence)

#363: People want to come visit you when you live here. Not only that, but when they do come here they also express their love for the city and agree that it is the perfect place for you.

#362: On any random Thursday you have the opportunity to go listen to people talk about energy at CSIS in the morning and then go listen to more smart people at Brookings in the evening.

#361: The wonderful bookstores: Kramerbooks, where they stack books like t-shirts; Books for America, where everything is less than $5; …

#360: Tons of people that are willing to be students. I have Spanish students and citizenship class students and they are all wonderful.


#359: The district has amazing, huge, clean sidewalks so that you can walk anywhere you want. The only three times when you can’t really enjoy them are: cold season (November-February), tourist season (March-July) and hot season (July-August), which only really leaves September, October and the first part of November, but I’ll still take it.

#355: You can have two people holding signs about opposite beliefs standing in the same street corner. Today’s example: Scientology.

#358: the street vendor at the corner of K and 19th that sells me M&M’s when I am running late for work.

#357: On any given day you can go watch the ultimate job interview: a confirmation hearing.

#356: Trader Joe’s, where you can buy hummus, chocolate and $4 bottles of wine. What more could you want from a supermarket?


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